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Meet the Agents - Kristy Lord

Kristy is a passionate seasoned Realtor who loves to dazzle clients with high touch, professional customer service, excellent negotiation skills, and the ability to resolve challenging situations with crafty outside-the-box solutions. Kristy aggressively pursues real estate education in retail and non-retail real estate investment and sales.

Kristy was formerly employed as a certified project manager until early 2018. She has held positions of increasing responsibility over her 25-year corporate career and is exceptionally skilled in the areas of planning, development, training, and process controls. For example, she joined a turnaround venture with a small public company in Arizona and was instrumental in consolidating and improving operational and inventory controls as well as all customer management related aspects. Over a three-year assignment, this company became quite profitable and the business grew three-fold.  Using her project management skills, she also led projects resulting in new business income of several million dollars per year.

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