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What is the most important decision you will make when buying or selling a home?  Picking the right agent of course! Who you hire really does matter?  Looking for an agent who is a fourth generation Phoenician, I’m your guy!  Want an agent who can handle and juggle all of the different aspects of a home transaction, I’m your guy!  How about an agent who can rattle off all of the HOA fees for the downtown condo market, yup, that is me!  And lastly, looking for an agent who puts the client first and delivers up to date information about the market consistently?  Me again! 

Needless to say, I know real estate. With years of experience in the Westcor Marketing Department as VP of Corporate Marketing, I can work and tackle any transaction.  I was able to not only understand the effects of good marketing but understand how there are multiple people who make it happen.  After the corporate world, I dove headfirst into residential real estate and never looked back.  I am an associate broker with one of the cities only brokerages that is steps from everything Downtown.  What does that mean for you, I have taken the steps to increase my education in real estate and step out above the Realtor® crowd. 

There is so much noise in the real estate market, I can see how easy it is to get caught up in all of the latest and greatest real estate programs.  But let me tell you, it always comes back to the fundamentals.  Just like golf or any sport, know the fundamentals, breath the fundamentals, practice the fundamentals and you will succeed.  Same can be said for real estate!  Know the market, breath the market, and set the expectation for the client so that at the end, there is a win in your corner.  

Here is my promise to you.  When you hire me, you will get a dedicated agent who cares about you, the client.  You will get an agent who can negotiate the best terms for you in a real estate transaction.  You will get an agent who goes above and beyond the industry standard.  I strive to not only meet my clients expectations but exceed them. Don’t believe me, check out my reviews!   

Phone: 602.885.3117


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