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I love my job! Heck, I love everything about real estate! What I love most are the relationships that I have built over the years.


We will work together and create a strategy that aligns with your goal when it comes to selling your home.


My approach to real estate is unique - why? My central focus is the client!


Whether it is bringing personalized coffee orders to showings or donuts for the appraiser, I am all about providing an exceptional experience.


I strive to provide an experience that is pleasant, as stress free as possible, and fun. It is simple – I love what I do! I sell great homes to even greater people! Relationships are what my business has been built on, not transactions.


Plus, I am an open book! I am always sharing my best real estate tips, decorating tips, child mishaps or life lessons to help bring a dash of humor to our day-to-day routine and provide a smooth client experience.


I'll show up suited in animal print and a splash of bold color (because I’m a professional, you know) – clipboard in hand, ready to serve you!


This isn’t just work for me. It’s my passion. I love helping my clients build a road map to an amazing future.




2019 Jean Laninga Portrait April 01 2019
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