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Jennie Richau

Jennie is detail-oriented and takes a creative approach to problem solving and negotiations. As a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner, she brings a unique perspective to her real estate services.

Considering principles of classical Feng Shui, she will point out things about a property that may influence your well-being in the home, helping you select a space which will allow you a harmonious life. 


When selling your property, Jennie utilizes her expertise in Feng Shui to create an inviting environment for potential buyers, resulting in quick sales and prices that push the envelope.


Jennie is a runner, craft beer enthusiast and mom of two cats. She enjoys cooking, reading and spending time outdoors.


If you are buying, selling or just house-curious, give Jennie a call. She’d love to meet at your local brewery or coffee shop to talk.





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