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Nola Marie

Nola’s passion for real estate stems naturally from her background in art and her love of design. With a foundation in hospitality, she effortlessly connects with people, transforming real estate transactions into enjoyable experiences. Her solution-driven approach ensures that she tackles every challenge with creativity and expertise.


Investing heavily in her education, Nola stays ahead of industry trends to offer her clients the best possible service. Her commitment to continuous learning keeps her equipped with the latest skills and knowledge. Leading with heart, Nola combines her professional training with a genuine desire to help her clients successfully attain their dream homes and build generational wealth.


Nola ensures that the process of buying or selling a home is as smooth as possible. She’s here as your friend and Realtor, ready to make your real estate journey not only successful but also joyful and stress-free—because finding your dream home should be an adventure worth smiling about!




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