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Thoughts about the market, post COVID-19

Yes...this is a 6-minute video. I know, I know...I am long-winded. BUT...I am talking about what the market is doing RIGHT now and I think it is important for you to hear.

Plus, you should be home quarantining, so what else do you have to do?

On a side note...if you are REALLY bored and would like me to set you up on a "C-19 Dream Home MLS Portal", let me know! This can be just for fun, let yourself dream! Do you want a list of 5 Million $ homes to cruise? How about a cabin up north? I am happy to set it up for you, and I promise not to hold you to it and make you buy one! This is just for some creative fun. Just email me your dreams and I will set it up for you!

I hope you are well, making good, productive time of your quarantine, and for baby cheeses sake, WASH YOUR HANDS!

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