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Brokers Hub Realty's 2nd Annual Food Drive a Great Success!

The ongoing pandemic continues to keep donations down, so our agents wanted to do their part to help. Each agent chose a Phoenix neighborhood and placed donation request bags on community front doors. This year, an estimated 2,000 bags stacked 3 feet high in the Brokers Hub offices were collected, exceeding our bag count of 500 last year.

All donations were delivered to St. Mary's on December 21st with the help of local sponsor Muscular Moving Men who donated a truck and labor to help transport the goods.

Food insecurity is a problem 2 million Arizonans are faced with every year. An estimated 30% of our state population is considered working poor, living on wages that barely cover housing and many other needs, including food to put on the table.

As long as there are people in need, we will continue our annual food drive to help make sure that those who need it don't go without it.

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