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First Impressions

Your front door entryway welcomes more friends, neighbors, family members, and yes—Amazon deliveries—than any other part of your home. Make a beautiful first impression with these decorating tips:⁣

1. Upgrade your indoor welcome mat to a "modern antique" rug that sets a warm and friendly tone right from the front door.⁣

2. When accessorizing, remember the rule of three—three different sizes of the same type of object will always look clean and pulled together.⁣

3. Use benches, chairs, and even old church pews to provide a suitable place to rest, put on or take off shoes, or temporarily set backpacks and packages. Swapping out seasonal throw pillows on entryway seats makes year-round decorating a cinch.⁣

4. If you're short on space, consider entryway furniture pieces that double as storage.⁣

5. Personalize with artwork, photos, and items that reflect your family's story using coordinated framing and color schemes to tie it all together.⁣

Bonus tip: Before making changes, think about how you use the space just inside your front door. Keep that in mind as you shop and switch things up so that you'll be sure to love the end result.⁣

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