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Phoenix Real Estate Company drives $32,000 est in donations (500 bags) raised for Valley hungry by Phoenix Residents

PHOENIX, Ariz. (Dec. 18, 2020)--Phoenix real estate brokerage Brokers Hub Realty has announced the results of a food drive to support local food banks during one of the biggest seasons of need due to circumstances brought on by the COVID19 pandemic. 

We are overwhelmed by the response this food drive has generated, said Nicholas Yale, Designated Broker / Owner of Brokers Hub Realty ( As a brokerage we wanted to do something local and involve the community to help our fellow humans and a food drive seemed to be a simple task. Simple it was not, but rewarding it is! Truly, we are inspired and grateful to all the communities that have pitched in to help. One can’t help but sense the pride and holiday spirit when Yale gestures to all the food and essential items covering nearly every surface in the brokerage offices.

Phoenix real estate brokerage Brokers Hub Realty asked its agents and clients to help with a local food drive to support food banks during one of the biggest seasons of need due to the circumstances brought on by the COVID19 global pandemic. Each of the agents chose a Phoenix neighborhood and placed donation request bags on community front doors.  Combined they raised more than $32,000 in food donations representing 500 bags of food to be delivered on Dec. 30. (This is a great photo op for TV or print publications). Local sponsor Muscular Moving Men donated a truck and labor to help deliver the goods.  


Donations have been received from their broker agents, their in-house marketing company The Felice Agency, as well as members of the community at Portland on the Park, 44 Monroe, Orpheum Lofts, Summit at Copper Square, Artisan Lofts on Central and Phoenix Towers. In addition, bags for pick up have been placed in neighborhoods the brokerage specializes in, Willo, Coronado, Roosevelt, Pointe at Tapatio, Ashland Ranch and several others. The food drive has been put in place to help St. Mary's Food Bank and Desert Mission Food Bank.


Food insecurity in Arizona is higher than the national average (12.4% versus 11.1% nationally). Food insecurity is explicitly a financial problem with 99% of households reporting they are worried that their food would run out before they received money to buy more. With a record number of unemployment claims across the country, the number of households who do not have access to healthy food is growing. Food insecurity also results in a host of public health problems that can be largely avoided if families had access to abundant and healthy food, thereby putting less strain on health care and other systems. 

For more information visit: or call Tony at 480-567-6890.

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About Brokers Hub Realty

Brokers Hub Realty was created from a desire to elevate the standard of our industry. It's been difficult for consumers to know which agents were good--and not so good. We are changing that. We have a core value that all of our agents are brokers, which, by definition, are held to a higher standard. Our brokers have been in the business at least three years and must maintain a full time, active career in order to remain a part of our firm. Many of our agents close more than $10 million in business each year. ​The business models we use are simple and straightforward. Brokers Hub Realty provides brokers with the back end support that they need so that they can concentrate on being the very best agents for their clients. Our brokers are held to performance standards as well so that we can assure our clients that we truly are the best in the business. Broker's Hub Realty.  Elevating the Standard. 


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