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What Is Urban Living - by Polly Mitchell

The definition of urban means citified, but let's go deeper. Urban Living means downtown, which means action, opportunities, energy, exploration, walkability, it's stimulating, and different. Urban Living in Arizona is a relatively new concept. The best thing you can do when trying to establish what Urban Living means is to ask the people who are living it and loving it!

I turned to some of my clients, who are living in their cool, sleek downtown Phoenix lofts, and many spoke of what is available to them. Restaurants, cocktail bars, live theatre, museums, walkability, bike-ability, mass transit, the sights, the sounds, shopping, and street events. They also talked about the city-view they have, urban architectural design, furnishings, and the art pieces that adorn their walls. 

But the biggest thing that I noticed (and this has always been the most defining part to me) is how all of it, coming together, made them feel. It's very personal, like something bigger than themselves, yet defined by themselves. 

Many homeowners are attracted to a sense of community. They get together with their neighbors for a glass of wine or become a recognizable regular at a favorite eatery or the grocery store. You pick where you live based on the space you desire and what's around you, and most importantly, how it all makes you feel. 

The best part about Urban Living is that it's like a blank canvas, and you may create and design that canvas any way you choose. Be as quiet and creative inside your space as you want or step outside and relish the vibrant downtown lifestyle! So many options and opportunities. 

Are you ready to embrace an adventure in urban Living? Ask me and let me show you. 

I look forward to being your guide! New Life + Different View


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